Hitchin's longest running and most successful dance school

Hitchin’s longest established and most successful dance school.

The Hitchin School of Dance (formerly The Granville School of Dance) was founded by our original Principal of the school, Mollie Gilbert over 60 years ago, and are therefore rightly proud to be Hitchin’s longest established and most successful dance school. Lorrayne Spindler joined the teaching staff in 1997, and took over as Principal after Mollie’s retirement in January 2009. We have built a wonderful reputation over the years, for providing a high standard of training in a friendly and happy environment.

Continuing the tradition...

The Hitchin School of Dance prides itself on continuing the tradition of utilising two, long standing, talented and dedicated pianists for our ballet classes in Heidi Bohme and Ruby Thrussell. Indeed, Lisa Sabatini wrote in the Spring 2003 issue of ISTD ‘Dance’ magazine…..

“...the relationship between the children, teachers and pianist is one that works to develop the musicality and artistry of each performer in a way that just cannot be matched by a cassette or CD, thus encouraging the children and students to dance WITH the music, not just TO the music. We were given many ideas on how to develop the student’s rhythm, improvisation skills, musical awareness, use of highlights – the list goes on – all connected directly with the pianist. It is enlightening to see the difference in the quality of work and performance which can be gained. So, pianist versus tape? Pianist wins every time, the value of a live pianist should never be understated”

Dance Classes...

We hold weekly classes in Ballet, Tap, Modern, and Adult Dance... They may not want you all to know, but some of our more senior ‘Tappers’ are in their seventies!

Enjoy performance and dance...

More than anything we are dedicated to our pupils developing a love for the performing arts, not only through hard work and discipline but more importantly through joy and fun. Our classes offer an opportunity to not only enjoy performance and dance, but to gain greater levels of fitness, make new friends, develop as an individual and as a group, and to learn to love the international language of dance, music, culture and performance. Our student base incorporates students from all walks of life, with broad levels of ability, and we at Hitchin School of Dance are dedicated to each of the individuals reaching the peak of their capability, to achieve their full potential, in a happy and creative atmosphere.

Shows and Grades...

Each year we work towards either Grades or our celebrated Dance show..these shows are not only enormously entertaining for the public, but also give students of all abilities the exciting opportunity to perform on stage before a live audience. This may be the peak of one individuals dance career, but just the beginning for another - One day it may be one of our students we see performing at one of the ballets or West End Musicals which we regularly organise trips to see!

Dance is your pulse, your heartbeat, your breathing. It’s the rhythm of your life. It’s the expression in time and movement, in happiness, joy, sadness and envy.
— Jacques D’Amboise